Make Your WordPress Website Cool With Cool Timeline Plugin

Providing unwanted details of your content to the readers will not gonna work for your website’s success. Every webmaster has different types of content and every reader or visitor needs to find the content of his or her own choice. Some users look for each and every detail of a NEWS story or an informative article while some other users are only interested in reading the headlines. Some users might want to see a slideshow while some want to have a timeline like Facebook to read the main part of your story in a fun way.

If you have a cool webmaster and you want your visitors to enjoy their stay on your cool website then you must provide the content of your website to readers in a way that can entertain them and it shouldn’t be boring. During this busy life, normally every user wants to know the glimpses of different stories and they want to see the details only of their most favorite story.

Facebook timeline is a perfect example of this where users only scroll down the same page again and again until the find the story which attracts them and they spend few second to like it, leave their comment on it or share that on their own timeline. And they can also open that to have full details of that story. If you are a webmaster, you also do the same while using your Facebook account so why don’t you have a same cool timeline for your website’s content?

Use Cool Timeline Pro WordPress Plugin

If you love the idea that I have provided above then don’t feel hesitate to adopt it. Don’t think it would be difficult to show your website’s content to your visitors in a cool timeline. You can do this by simply using a great WordPress timeline plugin called Cool Timeline. With this plugin, you can convert your stories, images and other content in a cool and attractive timeline in both ways i.e horizontally or vertically.

You just need to download and install the WordPress timeline plugin from the link provided above and then you can easily customize your website’s timeline using shortcodes.

Useful Features of Cool Timeline Pro

Though this WordPress timeline plugin is a featured rich plugin but I will list only a few of them here. Or you can understand some of these features by the infographic below:

cool timeline wordpress plugin

  • You can use different color options for your cool timeline depending on the color of your WordPress theme. You can select dark, light or multicolor timeline.
  • No coding is required at all for creating the timeline, you can easily generate shortcodes which can create a timeline for you on any page.
  • You can use the custom text inside your Timeline years
  • No restriction on the number of timelines you can use. You can use multiple timelines on your website as per your requirement.
  • You can adjust the stories order in your timeline, it is not necessary that your latest published post will appear on the top of the timeline. You can assign a date separately which will decide where your latest story should be visible in the timeline.
  • You can also convert your existing or new WordPress blog posts into a cool timeline.

There are many more features of this WordPress timeline plugin which you can find once you install the plugin on your website. Then what are you waiting for? Go and get it for free.

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