How to Wear Jeans Like A Celebrity To Look Hot

It does’nt matter if you are a male or a female, the fact is everyone wanted to dress like celebrities and wanted to look like celebrities. Especially the young girls and boys always wanted to look hot and attractive to the opposite gender. Wearing jeans is equally famous among the celebrities and the new generation. But how you should wear jeans to look like a celebrity is important.

Here is a simple guide to wearing jeans to look hot like celebrities.

How Girls Should Wear A Jeans

Wear Skinny Jeans: Most of the female celebrities love to wear skinny jeans and so are the young girls. Before you select skinny jeans for you make it sure that this is only for the slim relatively taller girls. If you are fat and your thighs are not slim and your belly have a fat then you should think twice about wearing skinny jeans.  Whereas if you have a slim and sexy figure then skinny jeans is best for you with a fitted and striped t-shirt. You can also wear a blazer with it and leather boots will complete your looks that can match with any hottest Hollywood celebrity.


Wear Cropped Jeans: If you love to wear cropped jeans then you should try to copy the style of American actress/model Gigi Hadid and the Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen. Both of these hot ladies knows how to look hot in cropped jeans. If you want to lengthen your legs with a casual look then wear the cropped jeans along with a cropped top. You can also wear a denim jacket that matches the color of jeans and high heels will give you a casual look to attract your boyfriend.


How Men Should Wear A Jeans

Wear a Denim Jeans: For most of the adults and the men, the denim jeans is the only choice to look good and relaxed. The best thing, with a denim jeans you can wear a t-shirt or a dress shirt as well. You can also wear a leather jacket or a blazer, both will look good. For shoes, you can wear mens brown tassel loafers if you want a casual look while you can wear derby or Oxford if you want a stylish look in a meeting.


These are only a few styles which can be used to look like a celebrity by men and women. Subscribe to our blog to keep up to date with latest looks and more information on the styles.

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