TMNT Legends

TMNT Legends does Premium Currencies right but Difficulty Spikes less so

What’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Legends?

I Think, I will need to do something which seems absurd and have a moment to attempt to sell you on the genius of TMNT Legends,  a franchise virtually every person who will ever read this has already interacted with in some capacity. Fortunately, the 2012 Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series might be among the greatest iterations of the turtles and the game starts from a fantastic place for this. Each of the present turtles has a distinctive, feature design and gait. Many of the episodes feature complex stories that nearly make up for the complex stories in different episodes.

The turtles undergo numerous costume changes while still remaining different. The fight choreography is readable and clean (I tried to get a clip of an early fight between the Shredder and Splinter to prove it seems Nickelodeon has scoured youtube, so just go watch the first year. It is in there and half of it’s good enough to warrant checking it out). Anyhow, the show is very good and the 2012 turtles exhibit a degree of sophistication and gravity seldom found elsewhere but if I continue writing about that it’s going to go on well beyond the heat death of the universe.

Both The new show and this game have dipped to the Turtles multiverse in their latest season and upgrade respectively. The coming of the First and 1987 (dubbed ‘Classic’) turtles ought to be a gold mine. People loved those and lots of these people have become adults with soul-crushing jobs that usually inspire excessive nostalgia.

Ludia’s full upgrade notes are available on facebook for some reason.
What’s happening with the “rebalanced” challenges?

Update #5 corrected the difficulty levels of the challenges and the changes in that region are significant. They are also kind of dreadful.

I In it, the following point values and corresponding enemy amounts appear to have some apparent gaps, probably meant to make a difficulty spikes. Let us do some math.

Between the two smallest, there is a 591 stage and 8 degree gap but between the following two (1278 and 1532), there is a 254 point gap and a 14 level gap.

Now, between another two (1532 and 2188) there is a 656 point and a 4 level gap and between the last two, there is a 339 stage and 3 degree gap.

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