Maremma – Holidays in Maremma

Today, More than ever, Maremma is the best selection for the romantic traveller. It offers a combination of ancient civilizations, enduring local customs, lush landscapes and numerous nature reserves. Each trip to the Maremma is a brand new experience with new discoveries. There are long stretches of fully equipped beaches of fine sand followed by lush pine forests, tiny coves with sweet sounding titles and crystal-clear water, deserted beaches against natural havens, uncontaminated islands within an enchanted sea, castles and villages which are austere and merry at the exact same time, gentle landscapes brimming with history and natural wonders. Read also Hotel Prategiano in Maremma Toskana.

Among those who have always gathered the fruit of the land and enjoyed being together in each season; a unique and inviting setting for the visitor at all times of the year. The coast boasts of modern tourist interfaces and professionally arranged scuba diving schools which are attended by diving enthusiasts throughout the year. At exactly the exact same time, classic skills have never been abandoned and are still practiced by specialist maestri d’ascia (boat builders) who transmit their great love and respect for the sea through their classic art. You can breathe the odor of the sea and ground all year long at the Maremma thanks to hiking and mountain bike itineraries that take you to splendid organic terraces and thrilling excursions on horseback.

Few other Parts of Italy have so many charming villages so readily and quickly Reachable from the shore. Frequently these villages have their roots in the architecture. Still Another facet of the Maremma is its extraordinarily Rich culinary heritage with both inland and sea specialties, Accompanied by the Mediterrenean odor of its olive oil and famous DOC wines. Learn for yourself just how great the Maremma can be for you. You Can plan your vacation in Maremma straight from your home, choosing one.

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