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A Complete Guide on Selecting Luxury Men’s Dress Shoes

It is believed that usually there is so much variety in women dresses and other accessories like shoes, handbags and other things whereas men have simple and straightforward choices especially when it comes to men’s shoes. But the reality is different as there are a lot of styles, designs, and types of men’s dress shoes out of which we will list some types below. When you are going to select the men shoes, make is sure that the pair of shoes have the right size to fit on your feets and you should feel comfortable physically and mentally as there shouldn’t be any bad feelings at all.

You should select the shoes which should suit your budget and should have the best quality and it should match with your personality and your dress as well. If you have to select a pair of shoes for your wedding day or for a party, it is an easy task, but when it comes to the selection of men shoes that looks good with casual wear or formal wear, then you have to spend some time on the selection.

Here are different types of Men dress shoes:

  • Oxford
  • Derby
  • Brogue
  • Monk Strap
  • Loafer
  • Chelsea boot

men dress shoes types

How to Select Luxury Men’s Dress Shoes?

It doesn’t matter what type of men’s dress shoes you are going to buy, the most important thing that should be in your mind is that you should always get the right size for you. If you are not comfortable while wearing the boots (shoes) while trying one, don’t go with that as many people believe that for the first time if you are not comfortable, leather will later stretch and size will be fit for you. But it will never happen, just you will lose your money and eventually you would need to replace your shoes after few months only. So, you must try the shoes and there should be at least half inch gap between the longest toe of your foot and the end part of the shoe. Also, if your feet are slipping inside the shoe, ask for an inner sole from the shopkeeper and then try it again. Don’t forget to walk some distance inside the shoe store while wearing both the shoes of the same size and check if you are comfortable with walking while wearing the pair of shoes.

Care for the Shoes:

shoe cleaning products

No matter what type of luxury mens dress shoes you select for you, you should know what is the material. Normally most of the men dress shoes are made of Leather while some other are of Suede. You should ask the shopkeeper about the material if you are not aware of that. To clean your men’s dress shoes you need some cleaning material which might be a shoe polish along with a brush or a spray as well. You can’t use the same cleaning product on suede which you use on leather. So ask the shopkeeper to provide the best cleaning product along with your shoes so that you can take care of your luxury men’s dress shoes to prolong the life of your shoes.

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