Hacked Facebook Page

How I Recovered a Hacked Facebook Page

You Always hear about people’s Facebook accounts getting hacked, and frequently find the results of it (continuous occasion invites to arbitrary earnings with dodgy links). However after working on social media for so long I always thought I had seen it all, and would not be fooled just like so many others before me. However, I got it back, and really found a friend in a man who’d taken me to hell and back, from a country I had never even heard of. Read more about pirater un compte facebook.

It starts I woke up really early on Wednesday morning to verify my pride and joy, a Facebook page I had organically developed to 25k followers in the space of two months. However, I had been on alert as I found that the following message in my inbox, posted by “Facebook Pages”:

Activity, it was determined that you’re in breach of our Terms of Service. Your account may be permanently suspended. If you believe this is a mistake, please confirm your account on the link below. This would indicate that your Page doesn’t have a breach on our Terms of Service. We’ll immediately review your account activity, and we’ll notify you via email.


**insert dodgy link here**

=============================== Thanks for being part of Facebook Community. “

I Gave this a quick skim and thought it to be legit, partially because I was half asleep, and partially because I certainly had infringed copyright legislation with some of my posts. Looking back I must have discovered the grammatical mistakes or checked the profile which the message came out (that was a blatant fake) but I clicked through the link, which took me to the webpage below.

Facebook phishing

Without Then I messaged the bogus “Facebook Pages” profile from my webpage to let them know that it had been completed, and that I had been waiting to be reviewed. Feeling like I had sorted the matter, I left the page and got ready for work, promising to test out the way the inspection had gone before I left for the day.
I tried my details again simply to observe that it was not my password which was wrong, but my email address. In actuality, it was stating that my email address wasn’t registered with any Facebook account. This got me, and it was at this stage that I understood there were some serious problems.

That someone in another region had attempted to access my webpage. They’d done . This hacker had really got full access to my Gmail account. Additionally, they had posted porn pictures on a Whole Lot of Local pages from my accounts, delivered several friend requests and, to my Dismay, removed my admin status from my cherished Facebook page. I was Freaking out majorly, and for numerous reasons. My webpage was a big Deal, but the account was connected to my credit card and PayPal Accounts, and of course the likelihood of getting temporarily prohibited For posting pornography everywhere.

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