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Dress for Success: The Perfect Business Meeting Dressing

Financial and technical details play the vital role in the success of any business meeting. There is no other opinion on this at all. But one more thing which is crucial and mostly overlooked is your dressing. Yes, you read it correctly! Your dressing is the first impression with your future clients or business partner, if you are wearing a good dress, wait… if you are wearing a professional dress and have all other accessories then you will have confidence while presenting your proposal to your business partners or clients.

Here are the useful tips for the dress of men and women to make your business meeting successful.

For Women:

Top: Don’t wear the dress which you used during your family party even. Party dressing is totally different from the business dressing. As a top, you can wear a simple chiffon shirt, a jersey, a patterned blouse or a turtleneck.

Bottoms: A structured wool trouser, suite trouser or chinos can be the best bottom dress for a woman.

Skirt: If you want to wear a skirt, then a dark color skirt would be your best choice. If you wear a skirt then a matching blazer would give you a professional business look.

Shoes: Pumps, Loafers, Brogues, or a medium size heel will suite with your dress. But don’t try to wear a pencil heel in any case.

Jewelry: Using too much jewelry is not the business requirement, a light jewelry, small bracelet, a ring, small earrings and a small neckless is more than enough.

Tips: Don’t reveal your skin too much, that will be a negative impact.

For Men:

Blazer: You can look more smart and confident if you wear a dark color blazer during your business meeting. It could be chequered pattern or plane, but it will add the confidence in your speech. Though it is not necessary but if you wear a blazer, it would be perfect.

Shirt: Never ever wear a T-shirt for your business meeting unless its a casual meeting at a coffee shop. For a pure business meeting, a collared shirt with a tie would be good.

Bottoms: A plain trouser with a dark color is suitable for any business meeting. If you are in a creative industry or an art/fashion related industry then denim jeans could be a good choice. But don’t wear tight jeans for any type of business meeting.

Shoes: You can choose any business casual shoes that match with your dressing. Don’t go for the sandals. Oxfords, derby or loafers could be the good choice with black or brown color.

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