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car servicing

Book your Fastest Car Servicing in Reading at Low Price

When it comes to cars the society always nags about the bills that come with it. Cars are just like human beings. They go through lots of emotions while working as hard as much they can for performing different tasks. Cars are every home driving tool either they are being used by a male or female they will help you reach the destination at the time.

Help one do all of his pending tasks within no time. Since they are machinery most of the owners don’t consider car requires any visit to service until they are acting up.

But unlike every other human, these cars do need car service station checkup every now and then. Especially those cars which are used for the heavy traffic. But people shy away from such tasks.

AS they are time-consuming but they are heavy on the pocket as well. This is considered as a mission impossible to be done in the little amount of time. The owner would always schedule their car service on the weekend day where they would have time to spare.

Normally car servicing can take a whole full day on a good day. Most of the owner wait or leave the car so that can be picked later.

How to get faster car service reading?

Since nowadays car service reading has been evolved a lot one can book car service reading in advance. Example owner has to get his car serviced. He would mail the coordinator of the car service reading who would then schedule the time of car service.

Now owner doesn’t have to be worried about wasting whole day they can drop the car while even on the work and later they can pick up the car. Such car service reading is provided by only a few and limited companies. They have high and very technical staff that takes care of core from the core.

What are the charges and Warranty protection policy?

After dropping the car at the service station. The car will be given a proper checkup. In which car audit will be done and a report of all the charges will be sent to the owner. Such companies which advance book car service reading take warranty protection very seriously.

Their staff is specially trained to carefully work around the rule of not violating the rules of warranty. Such companies provide a full guarantee about their highly technical and trained staff.

Verispellis Skis

Verispellis offers a revolutionary technology that changes your skis’ stiffness to meet varying skiing conditions

For those who love Skiing know the up and downs of skis. Most people complain about how stiff they are and how difficult it can be for the person who is handling the stiffness of ski on the mountain slope.

They would love to change the stiffness in the skis’. Verispellis Skis is Kickstarter Company who has just revolutionized the way of skiing with the use of a smartphone.

What Verispellis Ski does?

Verispellis Ski has found a unique way of controlling the Skis from the smartphone. Skis’ are often too stiff for the changing weather conditions. Sometimes snow is too thick or dense.

To make the skis’ stiffness adjustable can now easily be done with Verispellis skis. They have found a groundbreaking way that reduces quiver which makes it easily adjustable on the different snow levels. This all will happen through the mobile phone app.

What is different about their design?

The design is very different from the normal ski. This kick starter company uses nitinol. This is a metal with unique attributes of memory shape. Memory shape means it can revert back to original shape after the changes due to temperature.

They have tried numerous build and now finally have achieved the perfect form of Skis that can be changed upon the press of a button. Their ski work as a sandwich of wood, fiberglass and the nitinol metal. Nitinol is at the center of this sandwich. There is a heating point which is connected to a lithium battery.

This point can be tweaked according to the need of the skier from the smartphone app. So when the nitinol is not being heated the ski work as a normal ski which has all the normal properties. That means ski will be stiff and nitinol will remain as flexible as in its natural conditions. When the Skier feels like that surface is changing he can change the stiffness of the ski by turning on the heat.

Nitinol will immediately phase and thus changing the state of normal to stiffer nitinol. This will increase the overall stiffness of the ski.

What is Metal infrastructure inside Ski?

The inside metal nitinol placing depends on the manufacturing company. They can either put a full strip or they can put nitinol on a different part of skies. This kind of placing can change certain area only where nitinol is placed.

Different Skiers around the world are trying it and using different combinations of metal placing according to their needs.

travel guide

Things to Consider For Your First International Flight – A Complete Guide

If you are going to travel to some other country on official or vacation trip then you should be well prepared for your international flight. It is not a local journey so if you forget anything you will be in big trouble, and you can even miss your flight. Below is a step by step complete guide for your first international flight.

1- Check Passport & Visa

You should check your passport and Visa and should keep it in a secure place so that you won’t forget that. It is better to place both these documents in a locker which you will use to pick some money on the day of the flight. If you forget the visa or your passport at home, it will be a nightmare for you. On the day you have to take your flight, make it sure that you have the passport in your wallet or in the pockets of your dress before you leave your home.

2- Complete Vaccination and Health Certificate

You need to consult with your doctor and get the complete necessary vaccination before your flight and get the health certificate that you need to show at the airport. Make it sure that you have that certificate in your carry bag.

3- Don’t take anything Illegal with you

Have a look at your luggage and make it sure that you don’t have anything illegal in your bags. If you have a knife, or other harmful things, take these things out you won’t be allowed to take these things with you. If you have medicine, you should have a proper prescription of a certified doctor.

4- Get Currency Conversion

As you are going to another country, it might be possible that your currency is not acceptable in the other country. So get your currency converted before the day of the flight. Try not to keep much currency. It is better if you use a credit card and take it with you.

5- Have Someone to Drive you to Airport

As you are going abroad, you might have a big bag and other things with you so make it sure that you have someone with a car from your friends or family who can go with you to drop you at the airport. If you don’t have anyone then call a cab company and ask them if they offer airport transfer service? Try to find some reputed company and make an online booking for their airport service. Try to reach at the airport early and make it sure that the cab you have called have online booking and don’t forget to call them again on the day of flight so that they drop you to the airport on time.

6- Wear comfortable clothing

During the flight, you should wear a comfortable outfit. Don’t get well suited booted as you won’t be comfortable. Your dress should be comfortable and formal shoes are better. Loafers or slip-on shoes are a better choice.


payday loans

Is it a good idea to get Payday Loans for Utility Bills

Many people apply for the loans to pay their utility bills in order to avoid any service cancellation. A payday loan is a very popular idea to meet unexpected expenses and many professional apply for the payday loans.

If you search on the internet about Payday loans, you will get positive and negative reviews about this. Some will say getting a Payday loan is a very good idea as it enables you to pay your bills or to spend the money to fulfill your financial requirements in a short time. While few others will argue that sometimes Payday loans prove to be a nightmare when you are not able to pay it back on the decided time and in these cases, one has to pay almost three times or four times more amount.

In this article, we will see if it is a wise decision to consult with a money lender to get a payday loan?

To be very frank, it is different for different people. Whether payday loan is good or bad, it totally depends where you are going to spend the money, why you need the loan and does you have any plan to pay it back or not. Most of the people opt to take these short-term loans just because it is very easy and in some cases, you are able to get the same day payday loans by just filling an online form.

In my personal opinion, getting a payday loan is a very good idea if and only if you are taking this loan in emergency and the basic purpose of this short term loan plan is same to get the money when you need it for sure. For example, you have some money to pay your utility bills, but at the same time you have some guests and you need to spend some money to take care of your guests. In this case, you can spend your money on your guests and take a short term quick loan to pay your bills.

The best thing about the payday loans is that you don’t need to mortgage any of your property as a security. You only have to provide a check or your salary slip so that the money lender company can get back their original amount along with the profit or interest on the day you get your pay.

But if you want to get a payday loan to buy a new mobile just to get a new experience then it would not be a good idea because once you start buying new products which are not necessary for taking payday loans then you will be used to it and your every pay will go for paying off the loan amount. And then a time will come that you will not be able to pay your loan and you will be in trouble.

So getting a payday loan is a wise decision if you use the money wisely and don’t make it a habit.

How to Wear Jeans Like A Celebrity To Look Hot

It does’nt matter if you are a male or a female, the fact is everyone wanted to dress like celebrities and wanted to look like celebrities. Especially the young girls and boys always wanted to look hot and attractive to the opposite gender. Wearing jeans is equally famous among the celebrities and the new generation. But how you should wear jeans to look like a celebrity is important.

Here is a simple guide to wearing jeans to look hot like celebrities.

How Girls Should Wear A Jeans

Wear Skinny Jeans: Most of the female celebrities love to wear skinny jeans and so are the young girls. Before you select skinny jeans for you make it sure that this is only for the slim relatively taller girls. If you are fat and your thighs are not slim and your belly have a fat then you should think twice about wearing skinny jeans.  Whereas if you have a slim and sexy figure then skinny jeans is best for you with a fitted and striped t-shirt. You can also wear a blazer with it and leather boots will complete your looks that can match with any hottest Hollywood celebrity.


Wear Cropped Jeans: If you love to wear cropped jeans then you should try to copy the style of American actress/model Gigi Hadid and the Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen. Both of these hot ladies knows how to look hot in cropped jeans. If you want to lengthen your legs with a casual look then wear the cropped jeans along with a cropped top. You can also wear a denim jacket that matches the color of jeans and high heels will give you a casual look to attract your boyfriend.


How Men Should Wear A Jeans

Wear a Denim Jeans: For most of the adults and the men, the denim jeans is the only choice to look good and relaxed. The best thing, with a denim jeans you can wear a t-shirt or a dress shirt as well. You can also wear a leather jacket or a blazer, both will look good. For shoes, you can wear mens brown tassel loafers if you want a casual look while you can wear derby or Oxford if you want a stylish look in a meeting.


These are only a few styles which can be used to look like a celebrity by men and women. Subscribe to our blog to keep up to date with latest looks and more information on the styles.

business dressing

Dress for Success: The Perfect Business Meeting Dressing

Financial and technical details play the vital role in the success of any business meeting. There is no other opinion on this at all. But one more thing which is crucial and mostly overlooked is your dressing. Yes, you read it correctly! Your dressing is the first impression with your future clients or business partner, if you are wearing a good dress, wait… if you are wearing a professional dress and have all other accessories then you will have confidence while presenting your proposal to your business partners or clients.

Here are the useful tips for the dress of men and women to make your business meeting successful.

For Women:

Top: Don’t wear the dress which you used during your family party even. Party dressing is totally different from the business dressing. As a top, you can wear a simple chiffon shirt, a jersey, a patterned blouse or a turtleneck.

Bottoms: A structured wool trouser, suite trouser or chinos can be the best bottom dress for a woman.

Skirt: If you want to wear a skirt, then a dark color skirt would be your best choice. If you wear a skirt then a matching blazer would give you a professional business look.

Shoes: Pumps, Loafers, Brogues, or a medium size heel will suite with your dress. But don’t try to wear a pencil heel in any case.

Jewelry: Using too much jewelry is not the business requirement, a light jewelry, small bracelet, a ring, small earrings and a small neckless is more than enough.

Tips: Don’t reveal your skin too much, that will be a negative impact.

For Men:

Blazer: You can look more smart and confident if you wear a dark color blazer during your business meeting. It could be chequered pattern or plane, but it will add the confidence in your speech. Though it is not necessary but if you wear a blazer, it would be perfect.

Shirt: Never ever wear a T-shirt for your business meeting unless its a casual meeting at a coffee shop. For a pure business meeting, a collared shirt with a tie would be good.

Bottoms: A plain trouser with a dark color is suitable for any business meeting. If you are in a creative industry or an art/fashion related industry then denim jeans could be a good choice. But don’t wear tight jeans for any type of business meeting.

Shoes: You can choose any business casual shoes that match with your dressing. Don’t go for the sandals. Oxfords, derby or loafers could be the good choice with black or brown color.


What Are The Loafer Shoes for Men and How Many Types It Has

In one of our previous article, we have listed different types of men shoes and loafer shoes is one of them. Most of the people failed to realize the difference between loafer shoes and the sleepers. People also have the confusion that whether the loafers are casual shoes or formal shoes? In this article, we will provide you complete details of what are the loafer shoes and what are different types of loafer shoes.

The first thing you should know is that loafers are somehow casual shoes and you shouldn’t use it as formal shoes. As a formal shoe, you need to have leather shoes with the leather sole which loafers don’t have.

Here are we are going to mention few characteristics of loafer shoes which can be used to identify whether the shoes in your hand is a loafer or something else:

  1. Loafers are lace-less shoes
  2. Loafers are low shoes and they will not be able to cover the ankle and will have no support for the ankle
  3. Loafers will have a separate sole
  4. Normally loafer shoes have a low heal
  5. The upper vamp of a loafer has a moccasin-like shape

These are the few characteristics of loafer shoes. Moreover, if you want to know that whether you should wear the loafers with socks or not? Then it is your own choice. Ideally, you should have your socks on when you wear loafers as initially, socks were essential part because loafers are not hygienic so it is good to wear the socks with loafers. But now most of the people love to wear loafers without socks. So it is purely your own choice. You can also wear the think socks which will not be visible but will provide protection to your feed when you wear the loafers.

What are the types of loafers:

There are different types of loafers such as

  • The Wildsmith Loafer
  • The Aurland Loafer
  • The Penny Loafer
  • The Tassel Loafer
  • The Gucci Loafer

some more as well.

The Penny Loafer

The Penny Loafer shoes are very famous and popular style of loafers which was introduced by G.H.Bass in 1934 or 1936. From that time, the company is known for their penny loafer shoes. The design of penny loafers has a distinctive strip of leather (the saddle) of the shoe with a diamond-shaped cut-out. Initially, the design was called as Weejuns but later it is termed as penny loafer and was popular among school kids during 1950s. According to a theory the origin of Penny loafer is Norwegians while some other says that it is American style.

Soon, we will discuss other types of loafers here so stay tuned and keep visiting our blog.

tips for runners

10 Golden Rules of Running To Gain Maximum in Short Time

If running is your habit and you always love jogging in the morning, there here are the 10 golden rules for runners which can help them in gaining maximum in the shortest time.

  1. Have a goal! It doesn’t matter how far you want to run, whether it is 5Km a day or 10Km a day, you should have a clear goal. If you don’t have a goal you can’t get the benefits of running. So either set a goal or forget about the benefits of running.
  2. Avoid Injuries: Make it sure that you have the proper equipment for running. Don’t worry, there is not much equipment required, only professional running shoes are enough to provide protection and support to your feed and avoid any unwanted injuries.
  3. Try to find a group of runners: It is a good habit if you run with a group of like-minded runners. If you have a few of your friends who can join you then it is good, or you can find some running clubs as well around you where you can join other runners.
  4. Use best coconut oil supplement: Coconut oil is a proven natural supplement that can burn crazy fats and also can strengthen your bones. So why don’t give it a try as well?
  5. Mix your running surfaces: If you chose one surface to run in your daily routine, it will reduce the benefits of running with time as you will become used to with that surface and your body will don’t feel any need to burn extra calories. So it is better to mix your running surfaces like climbing, hiking, running in a garden, using treadmill e.t.c.
  6. Stay well hydrated: It is better to stay well hydrated and for this, you can have a bottle of water with you so that your body keeps getting the required water which is good for losing fats.
  7. Change your running routine: If you run with a consistent speed and for a fixed period of time, you are just training your body to run at a specific speed. To get maximum benefits of running, try to change your running intervals and also the running speed. It will be good if you hard run for 1 minute and the next 1 minute with a moderate speed.
  8. Consult general practitioner: If you are feeling any pain or you are not easy while running then you must consult with your personal GP and try to find out the reason for that unwanted pain.
  9. Running supplements for endurance: You can get an advice from your doctor about the supplements nutrients which can be helpful in your running.
  10. Enjoy your running! It is not necessary that your every session is better than the previous one. Just enjoy your running and when you feel tired even if you run half the distance as compared to the previous session, just stop and don’t try to complete your session.

If you follow above 10 golden rules for running, you can get maximum benefits from your daily routine work.

luxury men dress shoes

A Complete Guide on Selecting Luxury Men’s Dress Shoes

It is believed that usually there is so much variety in women dresses and other accessories like shoes, handbags and other things whereas men have simple and straightforward choices especially when it comes to men’s shoes. But the reality is different as there are a lot of styles, designs, and types of men’s dress shoes out of which we will list some types below. When you are going to select the men shoes, make is sure that the pair of shoes have the right size to fit on your feets and you should feel comfortable physically and mentally as there shouldn’t be any bad feelings at all.

You should select the shoes which should suit your budget and should have the best quality and it should match with your personality and your dress as well. If you have to select a pair of shoes for your wedding day or for a party, it is an easy task, but when it comes to the selection of men shoes that looks good with casual wear or formal wear, then you have to spend some time on the selection.

Here are different types of Men dress shoes:

  • Oxford
  • Derby
  • Brogue
  • Monk Strap
  • Loafer
  • Chelsea boot

men dress shoes types

How to Select Luxury Men’s Dress Shoes?

It doesn’t matter what type of men’s dress shoes you are going to buy, the most important thing that should be in your mind is that you should always get the right size for you. If you are not comfortable while wearing the boots (shoes) while trying one, don’t go with that as many people believe that for the first time if you are not comfortable, leather will later stretch and size will be fit for you. But it will never happen, just you will lose your money and eventually you would need to replace your shoes after few months only. So, you must try the shoes and there should be at least half inch gap between the longest toe of your foot and the end part of the shoe. Also, if your feet are slipping inside the shoe, ask for an inner sole from the shopkeeper and then try it again. Don’t forget to walk some distance inside the shoe store while wearing both the shoes of the same size and check if you are comfortable with walking while wearing the pair of shoes.

Care for the Shoes:

shoe cleaning products

No matter what type of luxury mens dress shoes you select for you, you should know what is the material. Normally most of the men dress shoes are made of Leather while some other are of Suede. You should ask the shopkeeper about the material if you are not aware of that. To clean your men’s dress shoes you need some cleaning material which might be a shoe polish along with a brush or a spray as well. You can’t use the same cleaning product on suede which you use on leather. So ask the shopkeeper to provide the best cleaning product along with your shoes so that you can take care of your luxury men’s dress shoes to prolong the life of your shoes.

herbal tea

What is Herbal Tea and What Are The Benefits of Herbal Tea

What is Herbal Tea?

When we talk about herbal tea, the concept of getting slim and smart came into everyone’s mind. But one thing that most of the people don’t know that this not actually a tea which is made from a special teal plan. It is also not a type of Green tea which is also considered good to get slim and lose weight if served with the few drops of lemon. A herbal tea is actually an infusion of seeds, leaves, roots or bark which is extracted in hot water. Different herbal plants when boiled together with water it provides all the benefits of all the plants which are too good to lose weight and to burn fats fast.

But herbal tea is not only to lose weight, it has many other benefits as well. You can read about iHerb Australia here while what are the other benefits of herbal tea, you can read below:

Benefits of Herbal Teas

  1. Anti Aging: Herbal teas are very good if you wanted to look young and fresh. Any herbal tea you use, would be a good for you as it would be antioxidants rich and will act as an effective anti-aging agent. Herbal teas reduce the cell aging and also prevent the radical damage because of its antioxidant properties.
  2. Improves Digestion: Herbal tea is good for breaking down the fats in the digestive tract and it also helps to remove the wastes fast. Because of this herbal teas are very good in improving the digestion of any person. When it improves the digesting system, it also helps in providing relief from constipation problem.
  3. Regulate the Blood Sugar: The herbal tea is also good for controlling the blood sugar. Not all, but certain types of herbal teas like bilberry and sage is good enough for diabetic patients as it helps to lower the level of blood sugar and herbal tea is also used in diabetic neuropathy.
  4. Controlling the Blood Pressure: For the people who have high blood pressure problems, herbal tea can prove to be very beneficial. Herbal teas are antioxidant-rich such as many herbal teas have strong antioxidants like phenols and flavonoids. It helps to lower the blood pressure naturally.

These are only the 4 benefits which I have discussed here while there are many other benefits as well. You can use iHerb NZ promo code if you are willing to buy herbal tea or any other herbal products from iHerb. It will be good to use the coupons as you can sometimes buy the herbal products at almost half of the price. Just try these codes but remember you must take the advice of your doctor or other certified experts in herbal medicine before you buy any herbal tea or some herbal product.

valentines day

Give Your Girlfriend a Princess like Treatment with These Valentine Gift Ideas

If you have been in a relationship with a girl, it is imperative for you to make her feel special by showering her with fantastic gifts that can capture her attention in the first instance only. There are lots of people who love to offer amazing gifts to their girlfriend in order to treat her like a real life princess. However, if you are unable to find wonderful gifts at your local gifting stores, it is time to order Valentine’s Day gifts online from a well-known gifting store. Take a quick look at some of the ideas given below:

Buy a personal care cosmetic kit- Every woman wants to look good and cosmetic items can play an important role in the same. In order to express your love and emotions to your sweetheart, buy a wonderful personal care kit from popular brands such as Himalaya, Lakme, L’Oreal and such others.

Offer her a nail art kit- Girls and women are obsessed with growing healthy and beautiful nails that are a part of their personal grooming. Help your girlfriend in her special endeavour by ordering a beautiful nail art kit for her on the special occasion of Valentine’s Day.

Gift her a costly handbag- A handbag is an indispensable part of a woman clothing and it is difficult for any women to step out of their home without a handbag. You can easily order a wonderful handbag from popular brands like Caprese, Lacoste, Gucci, Hidesign and a lot more that can redefine her personality in an extraordinary manner.

Buy a pair of stilettoes- Thanks to those fashion shows and high profile fashion events, every other girl is a fan of those designer stilettoes or high heeled shoes that can add glamour to any party or special event. These designer stilettoes can be elegantly paired with a one-piece dress, short skirt or even denim in order to make your adorable girlfriend the ultimate star of the evening. It will be definitely one of the amazing Valentine’s Day gifts online that can win her heart instantly.

Book a spa or parlour appointment for her- Do you want to offer a relaxed and pleasant environment to your beloved girlfriend? If yes, book a spa or parlour appointment for her that can help in offering a rejuvenating experience to her and can eliminate stress, tension, and anxiety from her day-to-day life in an effortless manner.

So, offer any of these gift ideas to your sweetheart on the special occasion of Valentine’s Day and make her feel like a princess.

gift for husband wife

A real name given to the lovely love bond “Marriage”


In every culture, when people fall in love with each other and decide to spend their entire life with each other then they give a name to their relationship, which is called as Marriage.

Marriage is not a mere word but it has its own virtue and dignified value. every lover, who loves his partner with full heart and soul tries to make them their forever and that is why they opt for marriage.

So, getting married means sharing a great bond of love, care, responsibilities and many other rights that two souls give to each other.

How romantic can the days of a marital life be made?

The days of every newly married couple seems to be extraordinary romantic. However, for emphasizing more on love part, people generally surprise their partners with something new. The best option for the females comes here is a gift for husband.

A wife understands her husband better, so, the option gift for husband can result to be fruitful as this gift will surprise your husband for sure and also it will make a special place in his heart, where he understands how important he is for you.

Meanwhile, if you are searching for the gifts, then you must go for online shopping as the online store always provide reliable, economical and same day delivery option as well. Telling the long story in short, a multi-product shop is available on your fingertips.

Important things for husbands too-

Moreover, for husbands too, it is important to make their wife feel special and for that, they should never ever forget their wife’s birthday. Women don’t like this thing ever that their husband forgets their birthday and this oblivion might result in disastrous nights.

So, when the birthday of your wife is arriving, you must buy the best birthday Gift for wife as it will make her feel quite happy. Apart from this, a special surprise gift for your wife will make her feel very special in a way that she will rejoice the moment.

Also, birthday gift for wife, are available on the web. There are so many types of gifts available in the online market that you can choose the perfect gift for your wife with an ease. Over the web, you can find millions of options that your wife might love and most importantly, everything is available at the fingertips.


Sharing a great bond of marriage is not an easy task as two people not only share love but their responsibilities, care, sorrow, happiness, togetherness and much more. Importantly, finding free time in the hectic schedule is not that easy but with a small gift, you can make your time more memorable. For a delightful memory and cherishing moments, gifts play a vital role. Moreover, the availability of gifts on the web at an affordable price has made the task of choosing the precise gift for your wife and husband.

So, whenever thinking of gifts, go online.


Make Your WordPress Website Cool With Cool Timeline Plugin

Providing unwanted details of your content to the readers will not gonna work for your website’s success. Every webmaster has different types of content and every reader or visitor needs to find the content of his or her own choice. Some users look for each and every detail of a NEWS story or an informative article while some other users are only interested in reading the headlines. Some users might want to see a slideshow while some want to have a timeline like Facebook to read the main part of your story in a fun way.

If you have a cool webmaster and you want your visitors to enjoy their stay on your cool website then you must provide the content of your website to readers in a way that can entertain them and it shouldn’t be boring. During this busy life, normally every user wants to know the glimpses of different stories and they want to see the details only of their most favorite story.

Facebook timeline is a perfect example of this where users only scroll down the same page again and again until the find the story which attracts them and they spend few second to like it, leave their comment on it or share that on their own timeline. And they can also open that to have full details of that story. If you are a webmaster, you also do the same while using your Facebook account so why don’t you have a same cool timeline for your website’s content?

Use Cool Timeline Pro WordPress Plugin

If you love the idea that I have provided above then don’t feel hesitate to adopt it. Don’t think it would be difficult to show your website’s content to your visitors in a cool timeline. You can do this by simply using a great WordPress timeline plugin called Cool Timeline. With this plugin, you can convert your stories, images and other content in a cool and attractive timeline in both ways i.e horizontally or vertically.

You just need to download and install the WordPress timeline plugin from the link provided above and then you can easily customize your website’s timeline using shortcodes.

Useful Features of Cool Timeline Pro

Though this WordPress timeline plugin is a featured rich plugin but I will list only a few of them here. Or you can understand some of these features by the infographic below:

cool timeline wordpress plugin

  • You can use different color options for your cool timeline depending on the color of your WordPress theme. You can select dark, light or multicolor timeline.
  • No coding is required at all for creating the timeline, you can easily generate shortcodes which can create a timeline for you on any page.
  • You can use the custom text inside your Timeline years
  • No restriction on the number of timelines you can use. You can use multiple timelines on your website as per your requirement.
  • You can adjust the stories order in your timeline, it is not necessary that your latest published post will appear on the top of the timeline. You can assign a date separately which will decide where your latest story should be visible in the timeline.
  • You can also convert your existing or new WordPress blog posts into a cool timeline.

There are many more features of this WordPress timeline plugin which you can find once you install the plugin on your website. Then what are you waiting for? Go and get it for free.


How I Improved My Typing Speed In Just One Month

I have seen many beginners who are doing hard work for improving their touch typing speed but after 4 to 5 months of practice, they still can’t produce good results. I remember that when I decided to learn to type, I improved my typing speed in just one month and in that duration I was able to type different letters and essays faster than many other old typists.

In this article, I will tell you how I improved my typing speed in just one month.

Back in 2002 or 2003, when I bought my first computer which was a Pentium 3, the fastest computer of that time available in India, I used to write different essays from my college book on MS Word. I used to look at the keyboard, find the desired key and then hit it with my index fingers. I feel that it takes a lot of time to find the keys, so I decided to learn the pattern of keys. I took one complete day to memorize the keys combination of my keys.

After memorizing the location of the keys on the keyboard, there was not a great improvement in my speed, but now I can hit the keys with not taking too much time to find the key. Then I bought a video game for my Nintendo console which was for improving the typing speed. To play the game a traditional keyboard was required that can only be attached to the gaming console. This game was to hit the letters dropping down and the mission was to stop the letters to go down to screen by hitting the letters quickly.

I used to do practice on that and after two days my speed was much better, but it wasn’t still good enough and I need to first look at the screen and then I look at the keyboard and hit the key. It takes a lot of time and I was not able to win the games when speed increases.

Then I found a game for expert users, in that game a user needs to write the essay. Below the essay, I found a picture of the keyboard and human hands with placing fingers properly on the keyboard. This lesson highlights the key on the keyboard and the finger which we should use to hit that key.

Now I tried to place my fingers just shown on the game and tries to reach the keys without looking at the keyboard because on the screen I can see which of my finger should be used to hit a specific key. It takes a lot of time and I feel that I can use my index fingers faster rather than by keeping the hands on the keyboard as shown in the picture. But then I thought if for expert typists, the game is showing a proper way to put fingers on the keyboard, there must be something important for improving the typing.

So I keep doing the same and after just 5 to 6 days, I was happy that I can hit each key on my keyboard without looking at the keyboard. Even After one week, I don’t need to look at the keyboard on the screen which helps which fingers should be used. I don’t look at my physical keyboard, and I don’t look at the on-screen keyboard. I just kept my eyes on the essay and keep typing the words.

My speed was not good, but I keep going and with the hard work of just 2 or 3 more weeks, I was able to type much faster. Then I go to my computer teacher and I tell him that I want to show you my typing speed. He assigns me a typing test for beginners and I passed that test in the first attempt. He was happy with my performance and then he gave me many more typing tests for beginners and experts from which I have passed many tests in the first attempt and only for few tests I took 2nd or 3rd attempt.

Now, if you want to improve your typing speed, you don’t need to buy that game (lol), but the key point is you should follow the correct method of placing the fingers and accessing the keys with right fingers. In start you will feel that without putting your keys in that way, you can type faster with your index fingers only, but believe me if you follow the proper guideline, you will learn fast touch typing very fast.

Just like me, you can learn how to type fast without looking at the keyboard, and with many online games available, online test and different lessons, you can even learn touch typing in a couple of weeks. Just give it a try.

manual paper health records problems

Top 5 Problems With Use of Paper Health Records in the Hospital in Developing Countries

Using manual records in any organization can create many problems. But when hospitals use these manual records then it will not only create problems, but it is also very risky because health is a sensitive issue and no one should compromise on it. Hospital management system should be error-free in every country whether it is developed or not. But unfortunately the in most of the developing countries hospitals still using paper health records. Here I will discuss the 5 top problems of using paper health records in hospitals.

Extra Cost for Protection of Manual Record

Though upgrading the hospital management system to digital system requires some investment, but that is a one-time investment, whereas paper health records associate daily expenses which increase the overall cost of the manual paper health record. For example to create duplicate records as a backup needs extra papers and extra staff is required to manage these duplicate files. Then to store the original and duplicate records, we also need a storage place which is usually a big room which can be used for a better purpose if we have digital health record system. Furniture and draws also required to keep the record in order. Then you need to protect this manual record from water, or from catching fire which can destroy the important medical history record of the patients.

Uneasy Access to Health Records

Doctors, Surgeons, and Therapists need the patient’s medical history on demand to prescribe the medicine and to give proper advice. The manual record can be accessed for the regular patients but the patients who visited after a long time, it’s not easy to access their medical records easily. It can create problems when the medical record of a patient is not accessible.

Productivity can be affected with manual records

It is not easy to create useful charts without having all the record in front of you. The management can’t get the required information to make proper policies. It makes impossible to make the correct and effective decisions to improve the productivity of the hospital.

Medical Record Mistakes Put Patients at Risk

There are more chances to make the mistakes in maintaining the manual medical records. Especially in testing laboratories if a single test recorded wrongly, it could be very risky for the patient’s life. In developing countries, such cases are recorded daily where staff gives wrong medicines to the patients because of the mistakes in their manual paper reports.

Lack of communication b/w departments

In manual records, communication between different departments effects a lot. A good Medical practice management company makes it sure that there is a good and effective communication between the different apartments which is not possible at all in keeping the manual paper records of the hospitals.


seo agency

4 Reasons Why You Should Hire An SEO Expert In 2018

Many business owners believe that they can save a lot of money by doing their Search Engine Optimization work by utilizing their own sources. Like if some employees in the company have some spare time, business owner ask them to perform some SEO tasks and they don’t need to pay an extra amount to that employee. That is why they don’t want to hire an SEO agency or an SEO professional freelancer. Read more about SEO GOOGLE.

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Question To Get Answers For Before Choosing A Care Home

If you are looking for a good assisted living care home for one of our relative then you should find answers to some questions before you select a care home. You should get these answers from your own experience, from the staff of care home and from the people who are living there.

When you have to select a care home for your loved ones, you should get detailed and accurate information by visiting different care homes. Just visiting the online website is not enough, though it is good to check some testimonials and feedback from the old clients of that care home but it is always suggested to visit the care home personally.

Questions to Ask from The Home Care Staff

  • You should ask them about their complete schedule for the residents of that house. If they have a proper timetable for eating, taking rest, entertainment, outing and other activities like this? If they don’t have a proper schedule for their care home then it means they are not interested in taking care of the people living there.
  • You should ask them what are the facilities available at the care home? Do they have some indoor games for old people to entertain them? Or they have evening meetup and chat sessions to share any problems? Answers to these questions will help you analyzing that if they are really taking care of old people or they are just looking for some money.
  • Do they have any weekly or monthly plans to take the residents of their house for an outing? To watch a movie or to spend some time at a picnic point?

Questions To ask The People Living There

  • The only thing you should ask the people already living at home care about the behavior of the staff. Staff’s behavior with the old people is very important, staff should respect them and should take care of them.
  • Additionally, you can confirm that whether they are getting all the facilities mentioned on the contract form or not?

Questions To Ask Yourself

  • After getting the feedback from staff and people living there, you should ask your self if you are satisfied with the facilities available in the care home?
  • Ask yourself that whether your relatives feel comfortable in that environment or not?
  • Ask yourself if the environment is good enough for your relatives?

After getting the answers to all these questions, now you can easily decide which care home would be better for your loved ones.


4 Digital Marketing Strategies To Get Noticed In Adelaide

There are various digital marketing strategies which can be used to increase the reach of an online business in Adelaide. Every marketing strategy has its own specific advantages and different effects. A professional marketer will always try to get some reach from each and every internet marketing strategy and he/she will never rely on a single strategy.

Here I will discuss 3 different digital marketing techniques which can provide awesome results to reach more people in Adelaide.

  1. Local Listing: Local listing is the best strategy to target the local visitors. In this marketing type, you need to provide your business details like business name, purpose or services, business phone number, address and open and close time as well. Along with this, you need to list your business on Google map as well which could be helpful for people to find your business. When your business is in Adelaide, you should find out maximum Australian business directories to submit your business website and other details on those business listing websites. You can also create a Google business page which you can easily verify for your local business in Adelaide.
  2. Search Engine Optimization: This is a well-known fact that search engine optimization is very difficult now as compared to a few years ago when you can create few backlinks on different websites and get your business on top of search engine result page. But now you need quality and real work. For this, you should join some Australian based forums and should participate on those forums regularly. You should answer different questions asked by the forum members, you should also ask questions and should create threads in the forum for providing some useful information. The forums you join should have a few boards/topics related to your business. You shouldn’t provide your website’s link directly, but keep posting in the forum and wait for the right time. When someone asks for the help related to your business, then you can guide him/her and should also provide your website’s link as well. Along with this, you should also try other natural ways to create backlinks. Don’t go for bulk link building which can have a negative impact on your rankings.
  3. Google Adwords Campaign: When a local guy search for a product or service he/she will search it by writing the word “Adelaide” and the person who search like this is surely your potential customer as he is looking for the services in Adelaide. So for such customers, you should run your Google Adwords campaign to target the right audience. You can try the AdWords campaign yourself, but if you are not confident about the right strategy for this then you should try to find Google Certificated AdWords Adelaide based local company who can run the campaign on your behalf and can take your business to the next level.
  4. Social Media Campaigns: Social media also have a great impact on many online businesses. You should also promote your business on social media. You can join different Facebook groups where you have more Australian people or you should find Australian pages who allow promotion on their page. Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter are also good platforms for social media marketing. You should also create your own business pages and if you are using Facebook, you should run a paid campaign to get maximum followers on your business page from Adelaide.

These are the 4 main methods which you must try for your digital marketing campaign in Adelaide. There are many more methods which we will discuss later.

The Districts Project, 3D Decentralized Applications Platform

If we call the 21st century as the century of technology then it is not wrong. Every single minute there are improvements in technology and the things which we can’t even think about 40 to 50 years back are very simple and in practice by common persons. Things which we believe to be impossible only 10 years ago, with the improvement of technology those things are also possible these days. So we can’t say “this is impossible” in the 21st century because no one should underestimate the power of science and technology.

Virtual reality is one example of such innovations. Who knows that with the movement of our body we can play video games and we don’t need to go into the ground to play cricket or tennis physically. Now families play tennis game in a small room with the help of Virtual reality (VR) technology based games.

Districts ICO VR is also a project which we couldn’t even think about a few years ago. It is a 3D virtual reality system which allows people to create their own virtual 3D cities and districts in their own world. There is no third party who is monitoring what they are doing, they can create anything in their virtual reality 3D world without any restriction.

There is no requirement that users must have strong programming skills. Even those who don’t know any coding can create their own world in districts with the help of special tools provided by Districts itself which is called Districts Visual Studio (DVS).

Districts will help a common person to make his dreams come true by creating his own virtual world where he can create cars, shops, buildings, houses, playfields and much more in the imaginary world with this decentralized application and the user believes that this is not the virtual world but he would be so much involved in all the activities that he believes that he is in real world.

This amazing platform has its own blockchain fuelled by 3D Coin. And this is the best platform to who the world what are you capable of. Its a platform where every single person can show his abilities to improve this world.