Apple announcesdiscount on USB and Thunderbolt accessories

Many Apple usersareannoyedthatonly USB portsof type-C areavailable on the MacBook Pro. The manufacturerrespondstothecriticismbyreducingthepricesofappropriatecables and adapters.

Many usershavebeenhailingcriticismsincethepresentationofthenew MacBooks. In additiontothe USB type-C and a Jack Jack, thedevices do not haveanyconnections. Thatsaid, there must beheapsofadaptersornewperipheraldevices. Todampenthetrouble, themanufacturerhasnowtemporarilyloweredthepricesforsuitablecables and adapters.

Up to 50 percentdiscountisavailable in themanufacturer’s own online shop. Depending on theproduct, thediscountmay also besmaller. Also thepricesofthe Apple-exclusive 4k and 5k screensof LG have fallen: The LG Ultrafine 5k displaycurrentlycosts 1049 euro, the Ultrafine 4k 561 euro. ForLacieharddrives and memorycardreadersfrom SanDisk, youcan also save a little. Customers whohavepurchasedaccessories after October 27 shouldhavereceivedforumemails in whichthey will beoffered a subsequent discount.

A fewexamples: the “USB-C-to-USB-adapter” currentlycosts 9 euroinsteadofregular 25, the “Thunderbolt-3-to-Thunderbolt-2-adapter” 35 euroinsteadof 59 and “USB-C-Digital-AV-multiport-adapter” 59 Euro insteadof 79 euro. Forproductsfromothermanufacturers, thediscountissignificantlylower.

Unfortunately, thesavingsare not readilyapparent – Apple iscurrentlyonlygivingthenewprices. Itshall not be permanent, itshallbe valid untiltheendoftheyear. In addition, Apple reservestheprematureterminationoftheactionforcertainitemsifcertainquantitieshavebeensold.

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