Google's Android Open Source System

3 Benefits the Google’s Android Open Source System

The utilization of this open source os in this handset has brought in many advantages to users together with mobile device programmers. Below are the top some benefits of Android os in this handset;

Freedom to use the technology.
Application in many different devices.
Support of 4G networks.
Capability use and decide on third party apps. Convenience to modify the operating system.

Smartphone and mobile phone device developers can freely use as well as change the operating system to fit their standards and needs. This means that the use of this particular OS opens up concepts for other cellular phone manufacturers to make use of the very technology.

Some of the cell device developers exactly who use this operating system are actually Motorola Android in addition to HTC. These smart dataphone manufacturers have been allowed to design mobile devices, which use customized user-interfaces which have been run on the Mobile base technology. In addition to this, the mobile system developers can also formulate their own apps which are aimed at improving the particular operating system’s options or simply altering it to fit their device applications.

What this means is that cell device users can enjoy the operating system working with different devices via different manufacturers. This really is one of the aspects, who have contributed to the swiftly growth of Android-based mobile devices.

Moreover, the free OS is not tied to a single device. It might be used in phones, drugs, notebooks and also ultrabooks. The first Android phone to become designed for the US marketplace was the HTC T-Mobile G1. Many other mobile phones have been designed by several other manufacturers and the prospective customers of growth are high.

Mobile phone companies using Android OPERATING SYSTEM are opening up avenues for improvement around design features, capacities and components of the particular devices.

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